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From a high level Rapid Platform have built a No code Saas tool to help organisations to turn process documentation into scalable systems within their organisation.

We have focused on making the system accessible for non-technical people (Process Engineers, Business Analysts) to create systems, speeding up the process so you can have the solutions you needs in days not months, while also ensuring that IT is satisfied that their Cyber Security requirements are met.

Our system and consultants provides the structure and ability for those non-technical users to be able to achieve much better results than they would if they come up with their own solutions that solve their challenges but don’t talk to each other or integrate.

The processes our customers create range from:
SIMPLE – like allowing users to create forms to capture project data, take that data and form fill a Project summary document and store it in Sharepoint in a specific file structure.
MEDIUM – Do a more comprehensive form to capture questionnaire answers for NPS scores from external customers and then display the results in a Power BI dashboard.
COMPLEX – Do the end to end process of a family want to enroll a child in a childcare centre including automated emails, sms, external forms, integrations with telephony systems.


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