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Rainmaker Revenue & Sales [RMS] is a bespoke Revenue + Profit Advisory Service.
Reimagining how you look at revenue and profit, and what currently influences it in your
business, opens up many new profit generating options and opportunities.

Revenue is ‘bigger’ than you think…and goes beyond the common focus on just sales and
marketing. Many more areas of your business have a direct or indirect influence on your
profitable revenue every day. Taking a broader view of revenue leads to better profit

RMS is focused on helping our clients look in every nook and cranny of their business to
uncover and deliver their unrealised revenue potential, in a low-risk, multi-point
incremental growth environment.

We work with professional B2B focused SMEs to help them achieve and exceed their
unique profit potential.

● Achieving increased predictable, profitable revenue growth,
● Clearly articulating your differentiation points to potential clients, in terms of who
you are & why you are of value to them,
● Optimising the resources you have to maximise your profit outcomes,
● Uncovering & implementing practical new options & opportunities to grow profit,
● Retaining valuable staff while growing your profits and revenues,
● Having the ability to continually tweak and control your revenue outcomes to
respond to market changes,
● Growing your happy client base while maximisng your invested returns,
● Complementing your CFO and accounting teams efforts with a CRO revenue
growth mindset,
● Having a documented and aligned revenue roadmap to adjust and measure,
In a low risk, planned. controllable high return environment.

As a VCC member, we are pleased to offer our fellow members a 60 minute ‘Ideas &
Opportunities’ session at no charge. This session is designed to leave you with
implementable ideas that are customised and relevant to your business and what you
want to achieve.

If it relates to revenue, and profit, we can help.
Contact Phil Purcell, directly on 0419 177 786 or phil.purcell@rainmakersales.com.au


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