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Get Brain Fit! has been set up to assist people to reach their peak performance, increase productivity, maximise cognitive function, and reduce your risks of Alzheimer’s Disease using the empowering tools of neuroscience.

You are not stuck with the brain you’ve got! Change is possible!

Research by Gallup tells us that 78% of the Australian & New Zealand workforce are disengaged! Gallup estimates that low staff engagement costs the global economy US$8.8 trillion and accounts for 9% of global GDP!

Through increased brain health and brain optimising strategies, we can help create higher performing teams with elevated productivity, focus and memory. Efficiency + productivity = increased revenue and when your brain works right, you work right!

Nicole Yeates is a Peak Performance Keynote Speaker, Brain Optimisation Consultant and best-selling Author. From a prognosis of expect death, or life in a vegetative state following a motorcycle accident at the age of 16, I she has walked the walk and talked the talk of brain change and is on a mission to help people grow their brains and reach their highest potential!


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