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Big Data Causality (BDC) is an Australian-owned and operated, world-leading data analytics company specializing in a unique and niche area of data analytics considered the “Holy Grail”, Causation. We discover the unknown unknown’s and hidden value in your data leading to the true value and unique insights. Rather than just giving you pie charts and dashboards, we unlock the causal drivers or what causes what. This means you can get to the root cause of issues allowing you to make better management decisions. This leads to increased efficiencies, increased safety, better preventative maintenance, increased ROI and much more.

Our world-leading breakthrough predictive Causal Algorithm is the genius of John Galloway AM Ph.D. John has been published as the “godfather of data analytics”. Our abilities are proven and have led to some remarkable successes. Our abilities in causality, linkage analysis, complexity, and chaos theory have been utilized by groups such as the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, Mossad, AFP, ASIO, Telstra, NSW e-Health, Macquarie Bank and oil and gas and mining companies to name a few. Our abilities are agnostic so our application is to all manner of industries. Ag, Aviation, Finance, Crime and Fraud, Insurance, Industrial, Mining, the possibilities, and applications are endless.

We would welcome the chance to speak with interested parties and consider all contacts as potential partners to work with together, not simply as a supplier/customers. You’ll find a friendly, open team willing to help shed light on why causation is so important to your business or company.

If you don’t know the cause, how can you solve the problem? To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.


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