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COVID-19 has disrupted the way many businesses operate, with an increasing focus on technology-driven and online solutions.

 At Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers we are pleased to offer our clients a flexible approach to meeting. Whether by telephone, video-conference or face-to-face, you can be assured that we will provide you with expert advice on your estate planning needs.

 Your Will is one of the most important documents you will sign in your lifetime. Don’t take the chance with an online DIY Will. These forms usually offer standardised procedures, when most of us need tailored advice to suit our individual family circumstances. While the low cost initially seems attractive, unravelling a poorly drafted Will can often lead to unexpected and expensive consequences.

 We invite you to read our article about some of the common problems we see with DIY Wills.

 If we can help you, or your clients, with estate planning, please get in touch.

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