When Did You Last Check Your Will?

Careful estate planning will help to ensure that your intended beneficiaries actually receive your estate, as well as minimising the risk of claims being made against your estate. A well-drafted Will takes care of the ‘what ifs’ and importantly lets your loved ones know exactly what your wishes are.

If you operate a business or have a corporate structure in place (for example, a trust or company), then it is vital that these structures be reviewed to ensure that the business continues to operate upon your passing and the control of your corporate structures are passed to your intended beneficiaries. Trusts and Companies are non-Estate assets and these entities must be structured correctly so that measures are put in place in your Will to ensure they pass to your intended beneficiary/s in the manner that you intend.

Barry.Nilsson Lawyers can help you implement an effective strategy so that you can rest easier knowing that your estate planning documents reflect your wishes and intentions.

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