Alcyone Hotel Residences Are Open 24/7 And Ready For Your Staycation!

Alcyone Hotel Residences in Hamilton is a place where the comforts of home and the unsurpassed amenities of a hotel meet. It’s a place to find focus and clarity, or simply unwind and switch off, knowing every convenience of travel and leisure is at your doorstep.

From the tranquil and considered space within, to the vibrant community surrounds, Alcyone Hotel Residences, a constant partner on life’s shifting journeys for whatever you embark on next.

To keep staff and guests safe, the following measures have been put in place:

  1. Alcyone has a supply of 10,000 face masks for our guests to use throughout building common areas (these are complimentary)
  2. Hand sanitizer stations have been placed at all entry points to the hotel (elevators/front entry etc.) and we have over 300L of hand sanitizer in stock.
  3. All high touch surfaces are being wiped down with hospital-grade disinfectants (door handles, post boxes, handrails, elevator cabins & buttons etc). Each touch point is being disinfected approximately every 3 hours.
  4. We have implemented social distancing requirements throughout common areas.
  5. Room Service via local restaurants and our partnership with Deliveroo (it will always be an Alcyone staff member delivering meals).
  6. Grocery Shopping service implemented for guests.
  7. As you would be aware our apartments were already cleaned to a high standard and we have always used a hospital-grade disinfectants/ laundry process on all linens.
  8. Decentralized Airconditioning (split air-con are my hygienic) and ceiling fans.
  9. Ample infrared thermometers and ear thermometers (with hygiene replacement lens filters) held on site.
  10. Security Access to all levels (Guest Keys will only allow you to your floor, car park etc)
  11. Strict requirements for all Alcyone staff to stay at home if they are feeling unwell and not able to return to work without a doctors clearance.

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