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We create a culture that supports strategic business goals and enables agile security. Our aim is to make a difference in Australia’s cyber security. RightSec offers a wide range of cyber security services to meet all business needs, from our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practice to our more technical services. Whatever your cyber security needs, RightSec can help you! Rightsec’s award winning founding director Virginia Calegare, drawing on her background in defence, saw the need in Australia for a risk based, intelligence led cyber security consultancy. RightSec aims to be the ideal security provider for all business types ranging from private sector to government bodies. With RightSec, the client always comes first. RightSec will provide you with the highest quality cyber security services that are aligned to your business needs. Our staff and resources are experienced, proven and extremely professional. Contact us today and let us help you on your cyber security journey! We will help you: Comply with Information Security Regulations Stay aligned with industry security standards Adopt the best security practices Embrace an Agile Security Culture Embrace Digital Transformation Mature your security posture
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