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Business is what I live and breathe; but it’s not just my own business pursuits that propel me forward.

I’m driven to find better solutions and constantly think about how I can improve the situation, product or experience for my clients through marketing, design and signage outcomes. I have been rewarded for 30 years as a strategist, consultant, graphic designer and project manager to ensure clients achieve growth in sales, customer acquisition and brand awareness.

As an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I believe that decades of knowledge and hands-on experience ensures the best advice and spectacular results for clients.
Whist design, printing and signage is my corporate passion, I love the property investment and construction space, having project managed 22+ construction projects.

I wholeheartedly believe in promoting with authenticity, and as a result of this, I work with my clients to deliver strategic marketing materials that truly stand out from everyone and achieve punch through quality production.

I am grateful for the opportunities that business has provided to me in over three decades. I am a thinker and move fast in my businesses and daily life.

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Rocky Cassaniti

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